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Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Ovens & Furnaces.
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Advanced Plate Heat Exchangers spanning a wide product range to offer proven performance in broad applications involving liquids, gases, steam and two-phase flows. 

Thermal Care

Leading manufacturer of water chillers, process cooling equipment and systems for applications worldwide. Offering both standard and custom designed industrial process cooling solutions


Leading manufacturer of aqueous and solvent based parts cleaning systems including; spray, immersion, and ultrasonics, in both standard and custom designs, as well as a complete line of recyclable aqueous chemistries and waste minimization technologies.

Cire Technologies, Inc.

Engineered technologically advanced, energy-efficient, custom industrial equipment.  We specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial dryer/ovens and oxidizers incorporating energy-recovery systems to substantially reduce operating costs.  

T-M Vacuum Products, Inc.

T-M Vacuum Products, Inc. provides a wide selection of heat treating and thermal processing solutions. We provide various sizes of medical, sintering, continuous, tempering and high vacuum furnaces and ovens. We also offer vacuum brazing furnaces and ovens, optical coating systems, thin film disposition sputtering systems and atmospheric enclosures, commonly known as glove boxes.

Seco/Warwick Corporation

Leading global manufacturer of heat treatment furnaces and equipment

SWEP North America, Inc.

Optimizes the use of energy, material, and space in heating and cooling systems. We take pride in contributing to a comfortable and sustainable life for people around the world, and a competitive edge for our customers.

International Plating Technologies, LLC

IPT LLC has established itself as a leading manufacturer of electroplating equipment, automated plating, anodizing, phosphating, specialty coatings, cleaning and waste treatment systems. International Plating Technology has been formed by partners and vendor alliances that combined have more experience than any supplier in the industry.